Woman is robbed, then run over by suspect vehicle

Victim in critical condition with serious head injuries, 3 suspects in custody

Fresno, California - Fresno Police are investigating a shocking crime. A woman is rushed to the hospital after she was robbed. Police say the suspects then ran over her head in their get away car. At last word she's still alive in critical condition at CRMC. Investigators say it happened just before 7:30 on Wednesday night near McKinley and First Street. The woman targeted in this crime is in critical condition. First responders are being praised for their life saving efforts after finding out the woman had her head was run over when she was hit by the car full of robbery suspects. Fresno Police officers say they do have suspects. Three women are reportedly in custody. 

Investigators say the three suspects approached a woman who was running a pop up government cell phone stand along Mckinley Avenue. Witnesses say the woman told the suspects they did not qualify for a phone and as she was preparing to close for the day investigators say one of the suspects grabbed a case full of phones. Investigators believe as the suspects tried to drive off with the phones the woman tried to grab the case back from the suspects and as the car accelerated and the victim was dragged under the car and run over.

Witnesses say the suspects drove off leaving the woman on the ground, but 45 minutes later police did a traffic stop bringing all three suspects into custody.

"Anytime there is force, or fear used it's a robbery. I mean even if they picked it up and put it in their car and they struggled over it there is force that is being used to be charged with a robbery. You know, you run someone over you've got the crime of assault with a deadly weapon and then if the person ends up passing then you end up with a homicide, so they are facing some pretty heavy charges here," said Lt. Carl McKnight of the Fresno Police Department. 

Fresno Police investigators say witnesses were key in being able to track down the car full of suspects and they continue to work with area businesses to find out more about this crime. While police do have suspects in custody they are still asking for more information. If you know anything that can help police you can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP. 

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