Woman gets 6 months for smashing mug over the head of woman in hijab

ANOKA, MINNESOTA - A Minnesota woman was sentenced to six months in jail after hitting a woman wearing a hijab over the head with a beer mug.

In front of a packed courtroom, Asma Jama spoke to the woman who attacked her.

"What you did to me that day wasn't good. You should never do that to anybody," Jama said.

Jama went on and let Jodie Burchard-Risch know how the incident has impacted her life.

"I use to be a carefree person, and now I can't go anywhere by myself," Jama said.

Court records say Burchard-Risch smashed the beer mug across Jama's face in a round house punch motion and ran from the Applebee's restaurant.

Applebee's employees followed her until police arrived to take her into custody.

The punch caused deep cuts to Jama's nose, right eye and lower lip.

Jama said she still carries the scars from that night, but she does not have hate in her heart for her attacker.

"So in front of everybody here, I do forgive you, and I hope that you choose love over hate," Jama told her attacker in court.

Burchard-Risch had nothing to say, but her attorney said he believes the sentence and treatment requirement will help her with her alcohol problem.

"I don't see her as a lunatic I don't see her as a racist I see her as someone not unlike many others who come before the court that has an alcohol problem that brought her here," attorney Rod Tschida said.

This story was filed by CNN.

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