Where do you put your keys at home? Crooks are looking...

Detectives say you need to hide them, or run a big risk

Fresno, California - Investigators say burglars are breaking in and looking for your car keys. Detectives say the crooks will load up your belongings and steal your car. Detectives with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office want Valley residents to ask themselves this question... where do you keep your keys at your home when you are away? Detectives say you should hide them because crooks want to steal your car and your stuff.  

When we asked people on the street where they keep their keys they told us locations like on a hook in the kitchen, or on the counter. When we asked them why they said it was all about convenience.

But what's convenient for us has become an easy target for burglars. 

"If it is out there and they can take it than they are going to take it," said Fresno County Sheriff's Detective Carl Chalmers 

Chalmers says Claudio Orozco was a serial burglar in Selma who stole people's belongings and their vehicles like the one pictured in the story. Investigators say he would look for keys lying around.

"It was easier to load up the items and take it and that's what he did," said Chalmers.  
Detective Chalmers says the impact on victims has been devastating. 

"Some of these cars were classic cars, they were new cars and then to just have them burned in a field on top of losing all your possessions or some of your most valuable possessions it's pretty awful," said Chalmers.  

So investigators want us to grab our keys and listen to this warning...

"Hide your keys, keep them with you, if nobody needs them lock them in a safe," said Chalmers. 



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