week-long Kwanzaa celebration at African American Historical and Cultural Museum

Free events all week long to celebrate the African diaspora

Fresno, Calif. - The end of Christmas means the beginning of Kwanzaa.

It's a week long celebration to honor the shared history of black people across the African diaspora.

Kwanzaa started in 1966 by a California State University, Long Beach Professor and is now celebrated by millions.
The African American Historical and Cultural Museum wants Fresnans to celebrate as well, which is why they are hosting free events for every day of the cultural celebration.

"Kwanzaa is about family, African Americans, our culture, our accomplishments as well as reflecting on our ancestors," says Keeza McCoy, Kwanzaa Coordinator.

The Kinara holds the seven candles, which represents each day of Kwanzaa, the black candle represents the people.

"Red stands for the sacrifice of Africans and green stands for the wealth of the land," says McCoy.

Each day a candle is lit to honor a principle of the cultural celebration.

The black candle stands for the Swahili word Umoja which means unity.

"The second principle is 'Kujichagulia' self determination, the third principle is 'Ujima' collective works and responsibilities, the fourth principle is 'Ujamaa' collective economics, the fifth principle is 'Nia' purpose, the sixth principle is 'Kuumba' creativity and the seventh principle 'Imani' faith," says McCoy.

Free events will be hosted at the museum every night to honor each principle.

All of the events start at six o'clock, there will be a variety of vendors and presentations, including a former gold medal olympian who will speak at one of the events.

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