Violence trending in bad direction for Kings County

5 Murders so far in 2017, on pace for deadliest year in recent memory

Hanford, Calif. - Recent violence is on the minds of many people in the Lemoore and Hanford communities after three murders between the two cities in just one week.

In Lemoore two victims were stabbed to death and in Hanford a man was killed after his SUV was riddled with bullets Wednesday night.

No suspects have been arrested in these cases.

We sat down with Kings County Sheriff David Robinson who says it appears crime is trending up in communities across Kings County. He also says looking at statistics we could be on pace for one of the deadliest years Kings County has seen in recent memory.

"Last year we saw a large number of homicide cases in Kings County. It was one of the highest numbers that we've ever seen and when I looked at the stats earlier today I noticed we are already trending ahead of what we saw last year," said Sheriff Robinson. 

There have been 5 murders in Kings County this year, 3 of them have come in the last week.

Two men in Lemoore were stabbed to death in separate murder cases and witnesses say a man in Hanford couldn't escape after his vehicle was riddled with bullets.

"You've got tire skid marks on the sidewalk and it made it seem like this guy had nowhere to go," said Louie Vale. 

Without an arrest in any of these murder cases, the death and destruction has the attention of Sheriff Robinson.

"You really worry about is this going to be a long term trend or is this just a flash and we will move away from it," said Sheriff Robinson. 

With the violence happening in the daytime and at night, residents wonder what will happen next?

"it happens broad daylight, especially at night. It can get scary for people who are out there walking," said Vale.

Trying to find answers and a solution to the violence, a multi-agency effort utilizing officers, deputies, and gang investigators is now underway.

"You've got some very violent and bad people that are out in our community, out on the loose that we need to try to track down," said Sheriff Robinson.

investigators are hoping to put the suspects in all of these murder cases behind bars, but they say the community will play a big role, they'll have to get information from witnesses. 

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