Vigil for 73-year-old man killed in police shooting

Francisco Serna was shot and killed by Bakersfield police

A vigil was held tonight for a 73-year-old Bakersfield man who was shot and killed by police.
His family says Francisco Serna was showing early signs of dementia.
They don't understand how this happened. 
Family and friends gathered in Bakersfield to remember a father and grandfather, 73 year old Francisco Serna.
They held candles and signs critical of Bakersfield police.
Serna's son said earlier he didn't understand how police could shoot his father.
"I don't know what lead the police to believe he had a gun or something," said Frank Serna, Francisco's son.
Serna's son said his father had dementia and was on medication.
He would often take walks at night.
"Sometimes he can't sleep so he takes his little walk to get him tired and help him sleep," Frank Serna said.
Sunday night, neighbors called police about a man with a gun, threatening people.
A witness identified Serna to officers when he stepped out of his house. She told officers "that's him."
Police say Serna did not follow commands to stop and wouldn't take his hand out of his pocket.
One officer fired. Seven shots.
"Officers did not locate a firearm at the scene and it's concluded that Mr. Serna was not armed at the time of the shooting," said Bakersfield Police Assistant Chief Lyle Martin.
The assistant chief of the Bakersfield Police Department said an item was found at the scene, but said he wasn't sure how to describe it.
He called the deadly shooting - a tragedy.
"This community is effected by Mr. Serna losing his life. This is a tragic incident for their family, for the community as a whole, and the police department," Martin said. 
The officer who fired the shots that killed Francisco Serna has been with the Bakersfield Police Department since July of 2015. He is in administrative leave.

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