Veteran's Honor Chair at Chuckchansi Park

FRESNO, Calif. -    Chuckchansi Park. Home of the Fresno Grizzlies.  At full capacity, it seats 12,500 people, But there's one seat that will remain empty. A seat has been installed on the park's concourse in remembrance of Prisoner's of War and those Missing in Action from the Vietnam War.  It will remain folded until all of those missing are accounted for. 
  "There's this one area, for whatever reason, whatever reason was going on, the veterans were not treated well," says David Black with Am Vets.  He was joined by veterans and Fresno Grizzlies representatives to announce a special event for Vietnam War Veterans, thank them for their service, and give them the welcome home they never received.  "The freedom we enjoy thanks to all these veterans is something truly special." says Grizzlies General Manager Derek Franks.  
  The event will be held April 28th at the ballpark.  It's slated to honor, heal and educate.  Denise Baronian was inspired to organize this effort by her husband --a Vietnam Veteran--  who she says returned home from war to a country divided.  "After hearing pieces of his story throughout the year, I just realized how we really short changed a whole generation of soldiers.  and those who have sacrificed," Baronian says.
  Baronian says the event in April will be the opportunity to thank Vietnam War Veterans-- even those who are gone -- something that's long overdue.  "Whether they're still with us for whether they have already passed, their sacrifice remains in the legacy of what they've done-- continues to live through the lives of their family members," says Baronian.
  The welcome home ceremony for Vietnam Veterans will be held at Chuckchansi Park on April 28th of next year from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

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