Valley congressmen react to House AHCA passage

FRESNO, Calif. - Congressman Jim Costa released a detailed statement, Congressman Devin Nunes did as well, speaking to us briefly on the phone.

Both men have very different perspectives on the House bill.

Nunes, who voted in favor of this version says, it will lure specialists to the valley, bring workplace deductibles and premiums down and allow people to choose their own doctors.

"Most of our constituents, most of our people who live in the valley, have been stuck on Medicaid, which does not really give them access to specialists," Nunes said. "Most doctors will not see Medicaid patients, so it's going to dramatically improve the lives of all of our citizens in the valley.

"And now, we will all be treated the same, so that means there will be more people, with better healthcare in the valley, everyone will have access to healthcare coverage, unlike today." 

Congressman Costa however, calls this bill even worse than the one proposed in March, saying the legislation fails to improve healthcare.

Costa released this statement, saying:

“Congressional Republican leaders and the Trump Administration have spent several weeks negotiating, and the end result of those negotiations made a disastrous health care bill even worse.

The American people have demanded solutions that improve their health care outcomes from Congress, and this legislation fails to meet that test.

If the American Health Care Act is enacted into law, then millions of Americans, including many of our friends and neighbors in the San Joaquin Valley, will either see their health care costs rise substantially or they will completely lose their coverage.

Unconscionably, this legislation will also reduce the health care options available to our nation’s veterans, betraying our nation’s heroes after they have served our country.

The fact is that hundreds of thousands of Valley residents have gained health care coverage, and the uninsured rate in my district alone has been cut in half due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is not perfect, and I’ve always been clear in saying that the law needs to be fixed, but the American Health Care Act, in its current form, is not the solution.

We must come together to find a bipartisan way to improve our health care system.

I have been saying this for years, and I believe it now as much as ever. Only by working across the aisle, Republicans and Democrats together, can we address the challenges with our health care system to provide Americans – all Americans – access to quality and affordable health care coverage.

I sincerely hope that our U.S. Senators take a serious look at how this legislation would negatively impact our country’s health care system and either substantially change, or simply oppose, this bill.

It is time to stop this needless partisan bickering and make the changes necessary in our health care system to improve health care outcomes and reduce costs for all Americans.”

Congressman Devin Nunes had this to say: 

“The House of Representatives took a big step today toward abolishing the failing Obamacare program and replacing it with a system that provides much better care at lower prices.

Central Valley residents have been saddled for far too long with high prices, while many Medi-Cal participants are burdened by minimal healthcare choices, with some participants even forced to travel to the Bay area or Los Angeles to see specialists.

The bill passed by the House today will make healthcare available to every American who wants it while protecting those with pre-existing conditions.”

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