University to open medical school in Clovis

California Health Sciences University to expand.

Clovis will soon be home to a brand new medical school
California Health Sciences University will open the school in the Fall of 2019.
It will be located near the 168 freeway and the Clovis Community Medical Center.
"We are going to be launching our next program and it is going to be a new medical school," says California Health Sciences University Provost Wendy Duncan, "There is such a need for healthcare in the Central Valley, a real shortage in particular for primary care."
What now is a few empty lots near Alluvial and Temperance will soon be a state of the art medical school.
CHSU initially opened the School of Pharmacy in 2012, in 2019 the school plans to offer a college of osteopathic medicine. 
"It was decided way back then that we would be opening to five healthcare related programs," says Duncan. 
The university is entirely privately funded.
Darius Assemi from Granville Homes is one of the founders of the university, he says their goal with expansion is to keep medical professionals local. 
"The purpose of building a medical school is to create opportunities for our kids to have a chance to get into a medical school right here in our own backyard," says Darius Assemi. 
Assemblyman Jim Patterson says its coming at the best time, he is the only member of the Assembly Health Committee from the Central Valley, he says primary physicians is what the Valley needs. 
"If we don't have enough primary care physicians we are promising healthcare, but not delivering the access to healthcare, so the need is huge, but also the opportunity is now," says Assemblyman Jim Patterson. 
Patterson says this school will send a message to investors that medical professionals are coming from the Valley and it is a place for technology and education.
The school will have roughly 150 students and bring over 300 jobs to the area.
"The research and technology part consists of several hundred acres of now medical research, it also consists of businesses that invest in technologies, so it will be a great place where synergies will be taking place," says Nathan Magsig, the Clovis mayor. 
We spoke to Tom Torlakson, the State Superintendent of Public Schools over the phone. 
"I see this as something that will also enable to attract more students in high school to believe they can make it, and they can get the training, and they can get the qualification to go into the medical field," says State Superintendent of Public Schools Tom Torlakson.  
Right now they are working to get the program credited, something Duncan says is promising. 
"There is such a huge need, such a huge shortage, specifically in the area of primary care," says Duncan.
Duncan says the plan to break ground in 2018.  

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