Ulta Beauty to Open Distribution Center in Fresno, Provide 550 Full-Time Jobs

FRESNO, Calif. - Ulta Beauty said it will build a west coast distribution center on the corner of East and Central Avenues in south Fresno. City officials said the deal is going to bring in more than 500 full-time jobs, and could bring millions to the local economy.

Ulta is the largest beauty retailer in the country. The distribution center is going to service 400 stores and fulfill internet orders throughout the west coast. The city said nearly 550 full time jobs will be available to people in the area, in about a year. Mayor Lee Brand suspects the distribution center could bring in an additional $42 million dollars to the local economy over the next 25 years.

"This is the start, I think, of a lot of good things happening to Fresno. We're putting a big focus on this area, this industrial area south of town," stated Brand.

Brand said the city was approached by Ulta Beauty about eight months ago.

He said, "We have the good weather, the transportation system, our good labor rates, our cost of land and leasing, I think all fits into that business model, that's why we're getting multiple people looking here."

The city said Ulta's distribution center will be 670,000 square feet. The beauty company tells us the center is going to allow them to continue to grow their stores and e-commerce business.

Larry Westerlund, who is Fresno's Director of Economic Development, said e-commerce is the new wave of retail business.

Westerlund stated, "The ability to get anywhere in the state of California next day delivery."

Both Westerlund and Brand hopes Ulta's plan to expand in Fresno ignites more business from other corporations.

"We've got the folks at Amazon that are now looking at us, and we're working with them on a very large potential project," ended Westerlund.

Ulta has five distribution centers around the country. The one that will open up in Fresno will be the sixth, and the only one in California.

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