Uber no longer serving airline passengers at Fresno Yosemite International Airport

Officials announced Monday that Uber would not comply with an airport agreement

FRESNO, Calif. - If you use Uber to get to and from the Fresno Airport, you won't be able to depend on the ride-sharing company anymore. Starting Monday, Uber chose to stop service at the Fresno Airport instead of complying with an agreement signed last June.   

You won't be seeing Uber drivers dropping of for picking up airline passengers, giving more opportunities to Lyft and Taxi drivers.

Jennifer Kovar says her job requires her to fly out of Fresno monthly so she uses Uber to get to and from the airport.

"Taxis aren't really common to use in Fresno," said Kovar.

And ride-sharing passengers aren't doing cab drivers like Ranjit Singh any favors.

"We need people to use taxi but nobody use taxi too much," said Singh.

That may change. On Monday officials announced Uber would discontinue service at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport. Uber made the decision not to comply with an agreement. An agreement that enables the airport's third party service to track ride activity. Airport officials say the information helps improve public safety.

"It ensures that our civic responsibility to public safety, to know what type of operations are occurring at the airport facility," said Fresno Yosemite International Airport Public Relations Officer, Vikkie Calderon.

Lyft remains in full compliance since signing the agreement early last year. Uber walks away from the deal after eleven months.

"They've been a resource to their customers and we'd like to see them back some day," said Calderon.

"Uber took a lot of business from us," said Singh.

Singh says his business is down 40 percent since Uber came into Fresno. Now he hopes taxi drivers can compete again at the airport.

"Uber was always number one," said Kovar.

Uber and Lyft both operated under agreements with identical requirements at no cost. The California Public Utilities Commission regulates Transportation Network Companies to comply with an airport operating agreement at any airport in California.

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