Two Structure Fires Stretch Crews Thin

House Fire & Store Fire Burn This Morning

FRESNO - Fresno firefighters had their hands full battling two structure fires this morning. Officials say at one point their was a a void.

Just before two this morning, a two story home went up in flames on the 26-hundred block of East Madison off Fresno street in the central part of the city. The house burned to the ground. Firefighters say no one was in the house at the time. We're told one firefighter suffered a minor injury fighting the blaze. Investigators are now looking into how the fire started. Firefighters say the 100 year old home was vacant but the homeless were known to stay there.

Minutes later, there was another fire at the DAV store at McKinley and First. Bales of clothes stored outside behind the store caught on fire. Firefighters don't know what caused it. Some fire crews from the house fire rushed to the store as soon as they could.  Batallion Chief Bob Van Tassel says, " At one point we had a pretty big void in the city. Pretty much everything south of Barstow an everything west of Clovis all those areas were void of engines and trucks. Chief Van Tassel tells us they've had 100 working structure fires so far this year.

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