Two Mississippi Murder Suspects Caught at Fresno Gym

FRESNO, Calif. - A strange twist in a murder case. Two suspects from Mississippi who've been on the run for almost two weeks, are caught and arrested outside a gym in Fresno. Twenty-eight year old Isaac Garner and 26-year old Cassandra Trahern were taken into custody at the GB3 near Fowler and Kings Canyon.

Fresno Police said the two murder suspects were sleeping in their car right next to this dumpster. A passerby just didn't feel right about and called 911 reporting a suspicious vehicle. What the suspects were doing here in Fresno remains a mystery.
“They made contact with them and at that point they had learned that the plate was a Mississippi plate, came back to a murder investigation,” said alt. Mark Hudson.

Hudson said the two murder suspects were allegedly on the run for the last two weeks for the shooting death of a 48-year old man in Natchez, Mississippi.

Police said Garner and Trahern initially lied about their name, and they appeared nervous and apprehensive.

“At one point even, the suspect said that there was a gun in the car,” stated Hudson.

Police said the gun in the car may be the weapon that was used in the homicide in Mississippi.

The two are currently being held at the Fresno County jail. They will be extradited back to Mississippi.

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