Two Arrested for the Murder of Pregnant Fresno Woman

FRESNO, Calif. - Major developments in the Amber Baker murder case. Fresno Police have arrested two people in connection to the pregnant mother's death. But, they've already released one of the suspects.

Fresno Police said they arrested 17-year old Isaac Razo on Saturday night, but they've since released him. Investigators said Razo was Amber's boyfriend, and though he is out free, he remains a suspect in the case.

Cassie Baker is one of Amber's sisters. Cassie cried, "I just want my sister, like I'm never gonna be able to hold her, hug her again."

20-year old Amber Baker was shot and killed inside her Fresno apartment on February 26th. she was six weeks pregnant, and she had her four-month old baby by her side.

For the last month, police have been on the hunt for Amber's 17-year old boyfriend, Razo, and 19-year old Gabriel Garza. On Saturday night, a loud house party near Clinton and Millbrook led police to arrest Razo and 19-year old Jonathan Guizar. Lieutenant Dave Madrigal says Guizar may have been a witness to Amber's death and he was also wanted on robbery charges. Guizar remains in jail, but Razo was let go.

"Homicide detectives made the decision to release the minor to further the investigation," stated Madrigal.

Madrigal said Razo, however, does remain a suspect in the case. But no concrete news weighs heavily on Cassie's heart.

Cassie lamented, "I just feel like she can't rest in peace until we find out what happened to her."

Now, investigators are focused on finding Garza. They believe he holds an integral piece to the case. Investigators think he may be with his 42-year old mother Amy Garza.

"Turn yourself in. We're looking for you, and it's just a matter of time before we find you," ended Madrigal.

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