Tulare Union High School teacher arrested

Tulare, Calif. - Police say an anonymous tip lead to this arrest. They say, these acts allegedly happened on campus, in a four-week time period. Now, police believe there may be other victims.


An emotional moment for Sgt. Andy Garcia.

"We owe these victims a good... excuse me, sorry, it's just tough," Garcia said. "It's just very tough to investigate, it's just heartbreaking." 

Garcia spoke hours after this man, 44-year-old Juan Javier Sanchez was arrested Thursday, allegedly, for having sexual relations with a student under 18-years-old.

Sanchez taught Spanish the past seven years, here at Tulare Union High School.

The news spread on social media, especially to those who recognized his face.

"Everyone was posting it on Snapchat, and I was like, I know who he is," former Tulare Union High School student Arianna Gallagos said. "It's crazy that somebody like that could, so close, could be like, doing stuff like that." 

Sanchez faces two charges and seven counts, one of those charges, for threatening his victim with retaliation, according to police.

Now police say, they believe there may be other victims.

"It takes one brave person to come forward, and get the investigation started," Garcia said. "And that will normally prompt others who'll now come forward and say, 'Yes, I've been a victim.'"

The district released this statement, saying in part, quote, "All district staff receives regular training and guidance regarding the importance of maintaining appropriate relationships with students.

"The district encourages both students and staff to immediately report any perceived misconduct."

Police are looking into what Sanchez did before working in Tulare.

They're also asking anyone with more information to call the department.

Reporting in Tulare, Megan Rupe. 

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