Tulare Police investigating latest school threat

Law enforcement leaders ask people to continue reporting threats

Tulare, California - Tulare Police officers continue to investigate what they are calling a school shooting threat after arresting a 15-year-old student. Investigators say that suspect is a student at Tech Preparatory High School in Tulare. This is just the latest in a string of threats facing Valley schools after the violence on a campus in Florida. 

In the wake of that deadly shooting at a school in Florida, schools across the Valley have dealt with school shooting threats of their own including here at Sunnyside High School. Now, Tulare P.D. is investigating a threat of their own.

"School officials reported to us the possible comments made therefore prompting our response," said Sgt. Andy Garcia of the Tulare Police Department.
     Tulare Police investigators say last Thursday a 15-year-old student at Tech Preparatory High School made a verbal threat about carrying out a school shooting similar to the one in Florida. The student was arrested over the weekend and faces criminal threat charges his identity isn't being released because he's a minor. Investigators say they are thankful for the report by school officials. 

"That's the message we want. We want people to notify us. We want the message out there that these are taken seriously and these aren't comments that should be taken lightly," said Garcia.  

The threat comes on the heels of another that happened just a few days ago in Pixley. The faculty also reported it right away. In that case investigators did find guns and ammunition.  

"They contacted us and we immediately sent investigators down," said Tulare County Sheriff Mike Budreaux.
Last week in Fresno a warning was sent out through a robo call.

"We've seen alarming social media posts with possible threats to both Edison and Sunnyside High Schools," the voicemail said. 

The police presence was clear around both high schools in the wake of the social media threat that was determined to be a hoax. Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson voiced the frustration felt by many administrators during these tense times. 

"I don't have the luxury of pretending that this is not impacting people in a negative way; it is; and I have to respond to that; even if it's not credible," said Nelson. 

If you have any information that can help law enforcement to investigate any potential threat you are asked to contact them. 

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