Trial By Fire: Man saves woman out of a two story burning building

FRESNO, Calif. - A man going about his everyday businesses turned into an unlikely hero. Spencer Sheets was heading to Downtown Fresno late Friday morning to pay a ticket and wound up saving a woman from a two story burning building.

Black smoke and flames billowing from windows of a downtown apartment building endangered dozens of residents.

It was the same apartment building Sheets and his mom passed when driving through Downtown.

"We just saw the smoke and my mom said 'Is that a fire?' So we pulled right in and flipped around. Sure enough all of the flames were coming right out. I could feel it down the street," he said.

That's when they heard people were still inside.

Sheets has never had any formal training or been around a big fire but none of that mattered. Once he saw the smoke -- he went into action.

"I saw one of the ladies and I told her to open the window. As soon as she did I asked her to jump out. She said 'I can't do it. I can't do it.' I lifted my arms up and she slid down and I helped her. We both kind of came down. I had her in my arms still. I put her down and that's when the fire fighters got there," said Sheets.

It's a trial by fire he never thought he'd be put through. Finding an inner strength that made all the difference when it counted.

"It was like an instinct. Once she said someone was in there still I instantly went around to help in any way I could," said Sheets.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. No estimate on the damage has been released.

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