Transgender teen talks about documentary

One year of any teen's life caught on camera, can be tumultuous.

Zoey Luna had her life documented in the years after transitioning from male to female.

"I knew I was a girl since I came out of the womb, I guess," Luna said.

The video shows Luna first dressing in girls clothing, wearing makeup and getting hormone prescriptions. 

"I always gravitated towards girl things," Luna said. "I always thought I was a girl, I never thought there was anything else about me but a girl."

Behind her the entire time, her mother, Ofelia Barba, who answered questions along with Luna, after the Wednesday-night screening in Fresno.

"The important thing was, there are other parents like me, there's other kids like Zoey that need to know that there is support," Barba said.

Director Dante Alencastre says that support became the focus.

"When you are a parent, you bring a kid into the world, you have to support and love them no matter what," Alencastre said. 

"I wish more parents would be able to support their kids, when they come out," Jess Fitzpatrick with Fresno nonprofit Trans-E-Motion said.

Luna hopes the message shines through.

"That's everything in life, you just need to be happy with yourself and you can accomplish anything," Luna said. 

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe. 

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