Tire slasher out of jail, police warn central Fresno residents

49-year-old Edward Gonzalez is a suspect in several vandalism cases

FRESNO, Calif. - A man on a bike, slashing tires and cutting into the wallets of several victims in central Fresno. The crime is caught on surveillance cameras.

Police say overcrowding at Fresno County Jail got Edward Gonzalez out of custody recently after he was booked last month. But since last October, he's allegedly slashed dozens of tires in central Fresno.

For Raymond Cortez, his mustang is his pride and joy on wheels but he says within six months at least two of his tires have been slashed three different times.

"Just uncalled for. you know what I mean? Why tires?," said Cortez. 

He'd have to ask the man caught on camera just down the block. Police identify him as 49-year-old Edward Gonzalez who they say rides his bike to homes around the area of Ashlan and Fresno just to stick a knife in the tires of innocent people.

"Money you know, I have to pay out. Money that I don't have," said Cortez.

Nearly a thousand bucks so far, according to Cortez.

"Completely flat and just a small puncture. It's not even a big knife," said Mark Roberts. 

Roberts says his work van's tires have been cut twice. He just can't believe a grown man is the suspect.

"Mostly kids do this right?," said Roberts.

A map shows 22 locations where police say Gonzalez has slashed tires from East Sussex Way to North Sherman Avenue and there could be more.

"This individual is probably responsible for over 30 of these times of incidents where he goes to a neighborhood and punctures the tires," said Captain Phil Cooley. 

Victims like Cortez and Roberts say enough is enough.

"Stop slashing tires," said Cortez.

Police aren't sure what the tire slashing motive is but if you see Gonzalez, call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.

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