Three women in their 20's arrested, kidnapping, assault, police say

TULARE, Calif. - Tulare Police say three women are in jail after allegedly kidnapping, assaulting and robbing another female. 




Police said the incident reportedly happened Thursday, Nov. 30, near State Route 137 and Road 68, around 9 p.m.
Police said the victim is an adult woman.
Police said they have a suspected motive as to why the three reported suspects allegedly took the victim but they are not releasing any of that information at this time. 
Police said the victim, a Tulare resident, was forcibly taken from her home and driven to the outskirts of town, near State Route 137 and Road 68. 
“She was taken from her house on the 30th and taken to the country where she was assaulted and robbed,” Sgt. Richard Payne with Tulare Police Department, said. 
It’s unclear how the victim got away but police said passerby’s saw a woman who they say may have looked distraught, walking along rural area and called 911. 
“It’s not a common occurrence for 3 females to kidnap another female, take them out to the country and commit that sort of crime,” Payne said. 
Police said the victim was able to identify the three alleged suspects as Christina Mills, 28, Danielle Russell, 26, both of Tulare and Julia Russell, 22, of Clovis. 
“On December first, several search warrants were obtained and the female suspects were arrested,” Payne said. 
Police said all three women were obtained without incident. 
It’s unclear where the ladies were found but police said all three alleged suspects are now facing serious charges. 
“All three have been booked into the Tulare County Pre-trail facility for robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy and assault with a deadly weapon,“ Payne said. 
It’s unclear if the victim was taken to the hospital or the severity of her injuries. 
But police said the victim is doing ok. 
YourCentralValley will continue to keep viewers updated as more information becomes available.

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