Three hour standoff leads to arrest of alleged gunman

Suspect wanted for last year shooting on North Effie Street

Fresno, Calif. -
A three hour standoff lead to the arrest of the man allegedly responsible for a recent shooting at North Effie Street.

Police say 20-year-old Jose Marquez is the suspect.

No one was hurt but police did evacuate the building where he was located at Mckenzie and Glenn streets.

Police say a 9-1-1 tip and search warrant lead to the arrest of the man they say was armed and dangerous.

Onlookers like community member Delilah Albert watched the entire ordeal.

Albert recently moved to the community and says it's worse than where she lived before in Sacramento.

"Very much so. Fresno is no joke," says Albert.

Police say around 11 in the morning Marquez--a Sureno gang member was armed inside a fourplex apartment that had to be evacuated. 

"The reports were he was inside with a gun, which is why you saw all the resources we deployed," said Lt. Joe Alvarez, Fresno Police.

Police say he had a warrant for his arrest for his arrest.

Authorities say this is the second attempt to arrest him.

"The response team served a search warrant a couple weeks ago when he was not present looking for the firearm," said Lt. Alvarez. 

After a three hour effort to get him to come out and even attempt by his parents, the suspect surrendered peacefully.

"Right as SWAT was deploying he surrendered peacefully," said Lt. Alvarez.

Albert said the scene is not uncommon in her community and something needs to be done.

"And I just pray for each and everyone around right now, I pray for safety in this neighborhood," said Albert.

The investigation is still ongoing, authorities said he will be charged with possession of a firearm.

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