Thousands attend Christmas mass to celebrate birth of Christ

Parishioners share their belief on the reason for the season

Fresno, Calif. - After all the holiday shopping and opening presents under the Christmas tree, Catholics all across the Valley took a moment to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Saint John's Catholic church had two masses: one in English and two in Spanish.

All the parishioners say not only did they go to church to honor Jesus birthday, but with all that's going on in world they say they needed prayer and word from the Lord.

"We celebrate the celebration of Jesus Christ, who is in all of our hearts and came to the earth to died for our sins," says Herberto Robles, Parishioner. 

Sounds of heaven filled the air around Saint John's Catholic Church, each parishioner entering the house of Lord with gratefulness in their hearts.

"We've had a lot of up and downs this year: car crashes, losing money, but i'm still blessed and going on and the Lord is still letting me see the sunshine in my day," says Alex Ochoa, Parishioner.

Ochoa and his wife Maria say they go to church on Christmas so they don't forget what this holiday is really about.

"It's not about the gifts, it's about the true meaning which is the birth of baby Jesus," says Maria Ochoa, Parishioner.    

Others attended mass for prayer.

"We are getting closer to the end times, and there is so much violence going on that we need our Lord's help," says Isabel Verduzco, Parishioner.

As the priest delivered a word to hundreds of parishioners, Alex Ochoa and his wife had a word of their own.

"Mary Christmas everybody, and don't forget it's not about the material things in life it's all about what you have in your heart and you have beside you," says Mary and Alex.

Christmas evening at 7:30 Saint John's Catholic Church will have a free Christmas concert.

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