Third Clovis West HS Student Commits Suicide Since Start of School Year

CLOVIS, Calif. - A third student at Clovis West High school has committed suicide. It is the third student who has taken their own life since the start of the school year.
KSEE24/CBS47 doesn't normally report on suicides, but this pattern is so tragic, it can't be ignored.
Clovis Unified School District said on Thursday that a senior student committed suicide overnight, and the details surrounding that student's death is not clear at this point. The first student suicide occurred on August 31st, and the second student suicide happened just two weeks ago.
The district said more than a dozen school psychologists were on campus on Thursday, including a therapy dog. However, some students and parents are shaken and left with many questions and concerns.
Belen Gonzalez is the mother to a CWHS sophomore. She cried, "This is one of our babies. And something, we need to do something to help these kids. There's no reason why there should be three, three suicides from the same school within just a few months. And it terrifies me."
What's even more troubling is that teen suicides are skyrocketing across Fresno County, according to the Sheriff's/Coroner's Office. Thursday morning's suicide was the 11th teen suicide in the county this year, compared to four teen suicides in the county last year.
CUSD Superintendent Janet Young said, "This is a heartbreaking loss for Clovis West High School, it's community and our school district. We will continue to allocate every resource available to support our kids and our families. Taking care of the entire well-being of our kids is a team effort. We are also asking for our community to be a partner in watching out for our kids. When a family member or friend is experiencing emotional struggles, please reach out to that child's school and we will act immediately to offer hope, support, and encouragement to help our kids know they are cared for and cared about."

A person might be suicidal if he or she:

Talks about committing suicide
Has trouble eating or sleeping
Experiences drastic changes in behavior
Withdraws from friends and/or social activities
Loses interest in hobbies, work, school, etc.
Prepares for death by making out a will and final arrangements
Gives away prized possessions
Has attempted suicide before
Takes unnecessary risks
Has had recent severe losses
Is preoccupied with death and dying
Loses interest in their personal appearance
Increases their use of alcohol or drugs

For more information about the American Association of Suicidology visit their web site:

National Hotline:

24 hours a day 1-800-273-8255


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