'The only person who can forgive you is God': father of slain 16-year-old to his son's killer

MADERA, Calif. - Parents of the 16-year-old boy shot and killed in Madera are speaking out with a message for their son's alleged killer.

Madera Police arrested 21-year-old Anthony Salvatierra for first degree murder. They said Salvatierra allegedly shot and killed 16-year-old Isaiah McGuire, reportedly associated with the same gang, by mistake.

Isaiah's family is exhausted and still in shock but feels a sense of peace now that Salvatierra is behind bars.

They said his arrest gives justice to their son.

Memories of the Isaiah they knew -- a bright boy who could make anyone laugh. 

"As a son, a brother, a nephew, friend. Isaiah was really a good kid he just had people in his life school wise that he made bad choices with and we can't judge him for that," said Isaiah's Dad Robert Huerta.

After the arrest of Salvatierra; a sense of relief.

"We all have a little but more peace. I feel better that my son will have justice," said Isaiah's Mom Irma Huerta.

The Huertas find peace in faith -- a message they want to share with their sons alleged killer.

"I forgive you because if I don't forgive you I am going to carry a lot of hate and anger and I don't want that," said Irma.

"The only person who can forgive you is God and that's what he (Salvatierra) needs to look at. Accident or not, God's going to be the only one to help him and that's what we pray," said Robert.

Gino Chiaramonte with Madera Police Department said it's a case of a young boy caught up in the wrong crowd.

"In gangs they do it in fear or violence. They deal with theirs in a violent way. Pride gets in and one side tries to beat the other one," he said.

This is Madera's third homicide this year. Salvatierra is scheduled to be in court this week.

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