The Changing Scenery of Bass Lake

After years of drought, rain and snow this year have made for some big changes.

Out with the old and in with the new.
The landscape at Bass Lake is definitely changing.

"The trees around here that have been destroyed by the bark beetle, it's been horrendous, just toally horrendous." says resident Sandy Richards.

Richards is just one of many homeowners who've worked with PG&E crews to fell trees on their property this year. "They climb these tall trees and they chop them down one by one and they load them up and take them away."

But it's not all bad Richards admits. "This year's really special because we had a really nice Winter, besides our bark beetle problem, everything else in the community is just green and vibrant and lovely to be around."

The years of drought left Bass Lake low and the slopes around it yellow and brown.

This year things are different though, waters back up and the new growth looks lush and green.

"You can just see it all coming back alive." says Jessica Trettin with The Pines Resort.

"One thing the owners are trying to do with the trees we've had to take down on property is to try and keep a little bit of the history here," comments Trettin motioning toward a bear sculpture crafted out of what was a beetle killed tree. "Everyone on property wants to stop by our little bear, and it's a way to keep some of the history of the trees we had to take down here still."

Whether it's turning an eyesore into art or just generally improving the look of the landscape in the end the primary purpose of downing these trees is to protect property from falling trees and risk of wildfire.

"It just feels very much like were back on track with the seasons and back on track with what we need to keep this area beautiful and keep this lake full."

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