The Central Valley honors the Virgin of Guadalupe

Since midnight catholic churches from the central valley and all over the world have honored the Virgin of Guadalupe with flowers, music, and prayer.

The story behind the celebration goes back more than five centuries ago.
December 12th is dedicated to honoring the day the Virgin Mary appeared in front of a young man named Juan Diego in Mexico in 1531.


"December the 12th is very important for the whole church."

Father Joaquin Arriaga is a priest at Our Lady of Mt Carmel and said the sighting of Mary should remind everyone of the blessings this world has to offer.
"She is the mother of god she is the mother of our church. Those who alienate other alienate themselves from Gods plan of salvation," said Father Arriaga.
Miguel Moreno has been a member of Mt Carmel for over 50 years and said it makes him proud to know that the church continues to honor the Virgin Mary in such a beautiful way.
"A lot of the times we pray to Mary when we need a miracle but we need to remember that she is there for us at all times not just when we need her the most," said Moreno.

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