Thanksgiving Eve draws big crowds at local bars

It's only a Wednesday night at Shenanigan's Restaurant and Bar in Fresno, but bar staffers say, it doesn't feel like one.

"It's Thanksgiving Eve, one of the biggest drinking nights of the year," bartender Harvey Athwal said.

Bars already serving and pouring around 7 p.m. with a full security staff on call, and multiple bartenders.

"We're running like a Friday or Saturday night," Athwal said. "Just because, it's going to be just as busy." 

Uber and Lyft driver Esteban Lizarraga seeing the influx, on the roads.

"Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night," Lizarraga said. "After family, after dinner, you go out with your friends, you catch up."

Last year, he tried to go to the Bay Area for more business, but says, it didn't work, because...

"Everybody went back home for the holidays."

But when alcohol and driving mix, the holidays can turn deadly.

Clovis Police Corporal Ken Wells says, officers are always watching. 

"We have people assigned to specifically address DUI's," Wells said.

Some tips to look for, if you think you see a drunk driver...

"Swerving in a lane, people that don't seem to stop at the, right at the intersection, either go over or stop way behind, they can't maintain their speed," Wells said. "Any driving pattern that's really outside the norm."

Bartenders on the lookout, too, for those who've had too much to drink.

"We'll have security come over, escort them outside to get some fresh air," Athwal said. 

Bottom line, enjoy the holiday, but enjoy it the right way.

"There's a lot of options these days, other than getting in a car and driving," Wells said. 

Reporting in Clovis, Megan Rupe. 

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