Teen Found Shot, Burned, and Dumped on the Side of Road in Tulare

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. - The body of a teen boy is found dumped on the side of the road, shot and burned. The Tulare County Sheriff's Office has identified him, but investigators said they need the community's help with more information on the case.

TCSO said the teen was from Corcoran, but his dead body was left on the side of the 20800 Block of Road 84 in Tulare. Investigators said the teen was so badly burned, he could not be identified at the scene. TCSO said the body was discovered by a driver on Monday morning around 8am. When deputies arrived, they came upon a graphic and gruesome scene.

Sgt. Joe Torres said, “Once our deputies arrived on scene, they obviously noticed a deceased body on the side of the road.”

Torres said the body was of a 17-year old boy. The teen's body was found with multiple gun shot wounds, and he had been burned. TCSO has asked us not to release the teen's name to avoid compromising the investigation.

“Anytime you have a child die or any death at all, but the nature of this type of death was very gruesome,” stated Torres.

investigators could not identify the teen on scene because he had been burned so badly. They said tattoos helped identify him, and family has been notified of his death.

Torres said, “They're just heartbroken and they want some answers. And we're hoping we can give it to them. So, that's the reason why we're asking for the public's assistance in this case.”

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