Teen comes face to face with burglar in her home

TURLOCK, California - It was a terrifying moment for a 13-year-old teenager who came face to face with a burglar inside her Turlock home. 

A surveillance camera inside the home captured the first glimpse of the suspect as he walked across the lawn before ringing the doorbell.  After several minutes with no answer the man kicks in the front door.

The suspect ransacked the home before he found the young girl hiding in a closet.

Following her parents rules, she hadn't answered the door because she didn't recognize the man. She went into the closet to hide and was on the phone with 911 when the suspect found her.

The girls mom wrote on Facebook: "After filling his bag he flung the closet door open and saw her. She screamed and tried to punch him. he grabbed her wrist and yelled at her"

The girl was not seriously hurt.

The surveillance video shows the man running from the house to his awaiting get-a-way, a two-door white sedan, possibly a Honda Accord. Police are now searching for the suspect. 

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