Technology and strategy key in Fresno Police gun violence crackdown

Fresno, Calif. - In the last seven days 17 shootings have triggered the Fresno Police Department's shot spotter technology. In one shooting alone 17 bullets were sprayed in the street. This technology has helped officers respond to shooting calls faster than ever before. In 2017, there were more than a thousand shootings detected with this technology, many tied to gangs. This week Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer announced a renewed effort to stop gun violence. 
"It's incumbent upon us as an agency to remove as many of these gang members from our streets as possible and to take as many firearms off the streets as we can," said Dyer.  

With more than two decades of police experience Lieutenant Steve Card manages these officers during his shift.
"The one thing we'll never be able to quantify is the amount of violent crime that we deter by that front end work by the dedicated work put in by officers everyday," said Card.  

That type of proactive policing is assisted by officers in the Real Time Crime Center and through a predictive policing program. Fresno Police have identified areas that have seen the most gun violence in the last 10 years. During their shift officers are doing their best to have a constant presence in these areas to stop the trend.

"I can say personally that is frustrating when you see repeat offenders go out and victimize people that is definitely frustrating, so we have to take it shift by shift and day by day and try to have a positive impact," said Card. 

Along with proactive patrols, the Fresno Police Department is partnering with leaders from the faith based community to help reach people who need help in the areas hardest hit by violence.   

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