Taking on escalating gang violence

Fresno, Calif. - Gang violence again rocks a Fresno neighborhood. Officers are spending time preparing for the possibly of more retaliation. A man in his 20s was shot several times it happened near Thomas and Second Street. The victim is in serious condition and the shooter is still on the run. Investigators say it's the latest case of gang violence that's terrorizing parts of the city.

More than half of the shootings this year in Fresno have had ties to gangs. The murder rate is also well ahead of where we were last year. Police leaders have responded scheduling special operations and extra patrols, but they say the community still has a major role to play.
A daytime shooting near a home in Central Fresno Friday now threatens the life of a man in his 20s. Investigators say once again the violence can be traced back to gangs.

"We have a number of places that are impacted by gang violence and this is one of them certainly," said Sgt. John Romo of the Fresno Police Department.

As investigators try to identify a suspect in this shooting, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer is focused on a gang crackdown. 

"We will be utilizing every available resource within the Fresno Police Department to combat the gang violence within our city," said Chief Dyer.

Patrol officers say many Fresno neighborhoods can't escape gang related crime.

"We have a lot of incidents that occur both during the day and at night. It's obviously more so at night, but we have incidents that occur frequently during the day," said Sgt. Romo. 

Investigators are working hard to find evidence that will lead to arrests, but many times shooting victims have gang ties and won't cooperate with police because of a street code.

"The biggest challenge is accurate information. We are able to gather quite a bit of information, but to get accurate information. That's the challenge," said Sgt. Romo. 
Officers say residents can play a big part in stopping gang violence before it happens.

"Many times residents know that particular people are out there carrying guns," said Sgt. Romo. 

Getting illegal guns off the streets will continue to be a key aspect of the gang crackdown.

Tonight the Fresno Police Department wants to know if know any felons who carry guns, or have them at home right now? If so you can report it anonymously and can get a $500 reward if the tip leads to an arrest.

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