Suspect on-the-run after stealing car, kidnapping two women

The car thief dropped the victims off blocks away from where the car was stolen

VISALIA, Calif. - A terrifying ride for two Visalia women Saturday afternoon after they were in the back of a car when it got stolen.

Visalia Police were dispatched to the 3900 block of West Goshen Avenue a little before 2 p.m. after getting calls of a stolen car. As officers were on their way, police were informed the case had also become a kidnapping -- with two women inside of the car.

Since this is an ongoing investigation, details of how exactly the car was stolen was not provided by police.

"Our understanding is there was no relationship between the two people in the vehicle and the suspect who stole the vehicle," said Lt. James Anders.

The women were dropped off four to five blocks away from where the car was stolen, according to Anders.

Police chased the suspect through town, eventually getting onto Highway 198. That's where things got tricky.

"Due to the fact that the pursuit reached significant speeds -- the determination was made by the sergeant supervising the pursuit to terminate it," Anders said. He adds a lot of factors, like time of day and traffic, also factored into the decision.

Hours later, the stolen car was found in the Kingsburg area near Avenue 400 and Road 24 by California Highway Patrol.

Anders said while no one was hurt, justice still has to be served.

"It's a significant crime," he said. "We want to find the individual that did this and hold them to answer. We are actively seeking any leads to lead us to him."

The car has been taken to Visalia where police are processing it for evidence.

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