Suspect in Livingstone's arson fire arrested near Lemoore in assault, robbery, kidnapping

Fresno County issued a warrant Thursday for missing his court appearance

KINGS COUNTY - Justin Joseph Silva, the man charged last month in the Livingstone's arson fire, was arrested Monday after the Kings County Sheriff Office said he assaulted and robbed an elderly woman near Lemoore.

Deputies went to the 20000 block of Lacey Boulevard around 1:30 a.m. about a truck that was stuck in the mud.

When they arrived, they found Silva stuck in the mud, who was allegedly trying to leave the scene of a robbery.

Deputies learned that Silva had broken in and taken items from the elderly victim's residence, and drove the truck off of the raised dirt path leading to the home trying to leave with the items, the Sheriff's Office said. It was later determined that Silva had dragged the victim inside against her will; he's then alleged to have physically assaulted her by kicking and punching her and throwing a glass of wine in the her face in addition to making threats of killing her.

Silva then damaged the phone preventing the victim from calling 911, the Sheriff's Office said. He also damaged a fence when he crashed the truck.

Silva was transported to Kings County Jail and booked on multiple charges including robbery, assault and kidnapping.

While en route to the jail, the suspect made a statement to the deputy that he was "going to trial in Fresno for being accused of setting fires."

Silva missed a court appearance in the Livingstone's arson case Thursday, and a warrant had been put out for his arrest in Fresno County.

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