Surviving an active shooter on campus

Parlier, Calif. - Teachers and staff at schools in Parlier spent  several hours today preparing for the worst. The Parlier Unified School District hosted an active shooter training to prepare school leaders to protect students and themselves if an attack took place on campus. This is the very first time this type of training has happened in Parlier. With campus attacks happening more frequently across the country school leaders say it was time to take the threat seriously.

Presented with intense life threatening scenarios staff members were trained for several hours today and given coaching on ways to safely lockdown campuses and improvise weapons like a fire extinguisher to protect themselves.

During a mock shooting each person on campus  was forced to make split second decisions on whether to run, hide, or fight.

This training continues to evolve as the demand grows at school districts across the Valley.

"The mindset for the longest time is it won't happen here these types of things don't happen here and now we're seeing they do happen here so we need to have a plan in place," said President CEO of Knowledge Saves Lives Paul Llanez

"We go through our daily fire drills and kids are aware of that, but we also got to get them into the understanding of these things do happen and they do happen," said Rene Rodriguez of the Parlier Unified School District.

For many schools this training is paid for through risk management funds and is covered by many insurance companies.

This training focused on campus staff, but instructors say an important message for students and parents is to monitor social media and report any threats it could stop an attack before it happens.

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