Surfing legend Kelly Slater hits the water ahead of surf competition in Lemoore

This is the first public event to be held at the spot

LEMOORE, Calif. - Surfing legend Kelly Slater ripping a wave, not in the Pacific, but in Lemoore, California.

"People who've never heard of this place, all of a sudden they want to come here and surf," Slater said. 

Friday crowds already filling the space, in preparation for the World Surf League Founders' Cup, the first public event here.

"It's just weird, I mean, you're out in the middle of fields and cows," Missouri spectator Dave Rogers said. "Next thing you know, there's a surfing wave that's world class."

On it, the best surfers. Bringing with them, crowds and cash, for Lemoore and beyond.

A great thing for the county, according to Kings County Supervisor Doug Verboon.

"New money for our community, this money did not exist here last week," Verboon said. "Who'd of ever thought we'd be surfing in Kings County."

Tourism he hopes expands.

Slater says, that's up to the WSL, which now owns the spot.

Another individual event is set for September, but Slater's dream, is very much a reality.

"If we can get more and more people from the local area in here to experience it, at least to see it, or some people who live in the local area who do surf," Slater said. "I'd love to have that happen."

Reporting in Lemoore, Megan Rupe. 


There are only a few hundred tickets left for Sunday, find those at:

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