Strains and sprains

Strains and sprains can be painful and may even limit your mobility. In fact, if not treated properly, a strain or sprain can cause recurrent pain or more serious injury. At home, you may want to use a heating pad, hot water bottle, warm baths, and aspirin to alleviate pain. Some chiropractors also use a therapy that involves stimulating the muscle with a tiny electrical current. This therapy is usually painless, and may help muscle fibers and nerves heal more quickly. In most cases, the muscle should rest while it heals, so you may need crutches, a sling, or even a brace to immobilize the injured area. The chiropractor may suggest bed rest and special support pillows for strains to the back or other large muscle groups. As the muscles heal, you may be instructed to do slow stretches and some gentle exercises to help regain mobility and relieve cramping. A chiropractor may also prescribe nutritional supplements to speed up your body's natural healing process. If treated promptly, your strain or sprain will heal normally, but it may take some time, especially if the injury is severe. It's important to be patient and alert your chiropractor of any changes in your condition.

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