Still no deal between FUSD, FTA

FRESNO, Calif. - Good news about student programs shared at Wednesday night's Fresno Unified Board of Education meeting, but no good news to report in continuing negotiations between the district and Fresno Teachers Association. Only updates.

"There's been some discussion that a strike was imminent, that is not the case, we're still in fact- finding and have the opportunity to receive a fact-finding report," Superintendent Bob Nelson said. "Obviously, we'll continue to participate in fact-finding in good faith, with the hope of reaching a resolution that is mutually beneficial to everybody."

The two sides exiting another day of talks, after giving their issues to a fact finder.

The FTA sharing this statement with us, saying quote, "Day 3 ended without an agreement. We will continue to talk to FUSD. Meanwhile we will continue to prepare for a strike."

But Wednesday night, another narrative continued. That surrounding FUSD board president Brooke Ashjian and comments attributed to him in The Fresno Bee, focusing on LGBT curriculum in current district sex education programs.

Some showed support, others, holding hand-written signs, like Bernadette Planting.

Planting spoke of losing a homosexual friend in her youth.

"I didn't say anything, because I thought he didn't want anybody to know any more," Planting said. "And three days later, I found him swinging from his own belt."

Saying Ashjian's comments, left her deeply offended.

"And I was really quite disappointed that the president of the school board could say things that would leave people feeling dehumanized." 

Now this third-party fact-finder will compile a report. That will take a few weeks. but, the two sides can meet any time before then to try to come to an agreement.

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe. 

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