State effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Animal Ag farmers could get up to $750,000

Fresno, Calif. -
A multi-million dollar state effort to help animal farmers reduce green house gas emissions is underway.

The money comes from governor brown's cap and trade program to help with climate change and putting healthier food on the table.

Experts say this is bigger than a state problem, in fact they say globally animal agriculture accounts for more methane gas release than the transportation industry.

That's why there was a seminar held at the International Agri-Center that help dairy farmers receive up to 750,000 thousand dollars to be a part of the solution to reducing green house gas emissions.

Forrist Lytehaause says cow manure is stored in such a way that it causes lots of methane to be released.

"They put it directly into lagoons and when the lagoon fills up they spread it on the fields," said Forrist Lytehaause, Earth First Construction.

Lytehaause says that method not only contributes to worsening climate change, but it also increases disease amongst cows when the manure is used.

"They have a broad disease problem with Mastitis," said Lytehaause.

That's why Lytehaause's non profit hosts seminars on behalf of the governor's cap and trade program which set aside millions of dollars to help farmers use alternative manure management programs to reduce gas emissions.

Dairy Farmer Jeff Weisel says it will also create healthier manure bedding for the cows which means better food.

"Rather it's dairy products, fluid milk or the meat, the increase in the quality of that product escalates," said Weisel, Chosen Acres inc.

Lytehaause says animal farmers have just a few short weeks to get up to $750,000 from the California Department of Food and Agriculture to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lytehaause says the deadline to apply is October 2.

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