Southeast Fresno special response team seizing guns from gangs

The SE Fresno SRT has recovered 17 firearms from gang members since 2018 began

FRESNO, Calif. - Despite Friday night's shooting, gun violence has been trending down after a deadly flareup that started earlier this month, leaving two people dead.

The bullets, the guns, the rifles. Images of weapons posted in the Southeast Fresno Police sub-station, symbolizing progress and potential lives saved. 

"Another traffic stop off of a Bulldog gang member, we recovered these firearms," said Sergeant Adrian Alvarez.

Sergeant Alvarez says his special response team has recovered 17 firearms from gang members in southeast Fresno since the start of 2018. The results of proactive policing.

"Making traffic stops, pedestrian stops, serving search warrants is making significant impact on reducing gang violence in our city," said Chief Dyer.

Dyer says shootings sare down 40 percent citywide compared to this time last year.

Alvarez says his SRT stops 20 cars a night on average, patrolling areas like Mayfair and Normal.

"This little block right here in particular is not a safe place to be at night," said Alvarez.

He says southeast Fresno is infested with Norteno, Sureno and Bulldog gang members, feuding for respect with gunfire.

"So then now you've got a drive by on Lewis Street, you've got a drive by on Fillmore, you've got a drive by on Backer. All because somebody got disrespected," said Alvarez.

SRT officers consistently pull drivers over for vehicle infractions, make contact with known gang members and gather intel to serve search warrants, taking criminals and guns off the streets while sending a message.

"We're always busy. There's never a dull moment," said Alvarez.

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