Solar likely to be required on nearly all new California homes by 2020

The California Energy Commission decision is set to be a first

For those who build homes and install solar panels it's a piece of legislation that's coming as no surprise.
"We're going to gear up to go with what people want and with what they want to purchase, we also want to contribute to the environment and going green and so that's been kind of a natural fit." says Brad Huxley with Fresno Construction.
But that doesn't make it any less of a big deal.
"It's kind of indicative of what California does first is that we look at these kind of ideas." says Balkar Gill with Nova West Solar.
California will not just be the only state to mandate solar panels to be placed on virtually all new homes but is likely to be the first government in history to do just this.
And for an industry that is already booming this just means business is about to get even busier.
"We see it as a super-growth if you will with that piece of legislation coming through." says Gill.
Gill works with locally owned and operated Nova West Solar and says it's no coincidence their massive new facility is set to open within months of this landmark decision.
Gill says beyond the company's existing growth in commercial, agricultural and residential installations the boom in demand in the next few years is likely to be unprecedented.

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