Smart sprinklers can save water

Upgrading to a smart sprinkler controller can save money

Fresno, Calif. - Smart controllers really don't do anything you can't do attentively operating an ordinary controller.  They have additional technology and offer convenience.

The selection and variety of "smart" sprinkler controllers is exploding.  I tried a few models getting talk on the internet right now and found each has different take on what it means to be "smart."

The Blossom is quick to install - up and running after a few questions about your yard. For greater water savings, take extra time to provide the Blossom more details and fine-tune suggested watering times.

The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub can be controlled with its app or if you're a tech wizard, you can write your own. It can be integrated into professional systems. There's more to getting this smart controller set up, but the open design provides other options like lighting control.

The Rachio Iro asks questions like like what your sprayer heads look like and the kinds of plants they water.  It constantly adjusts the watering schedule based on rainfall and temperature.

The SkyDrop has similar weather "smarts," but unlike its peers, it can be programmed and operated without going online or using a computer or smartphone. 

Among the many options, one stands out above the rest as "smartest" in programming sprinkler schedules.  That one is Marilyn Creel!  She’s one of the experts retained by the city’s utility office to lend her water-saving services to Fresno homeowners free-of-charge.

She’ll come to your house and program your sprinkler controller, whether it’s ordinary or smart.

She says proper setup is much of the water savings smart controllers provide, “As with anything in life, there’s good and there’s bad and you allow and adjust for it.”

You can schedule a free water survey by calling 621-5480 or check online at

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