Shooting spree victim was turning life around, says family

Mark Gassett was shot and killed in a downtown shooting spree

FRESNO, Calif. - The families of the victims from Tuesday's shooting spree in downtown Fresno, are in mourning.

Mark Gassett, was one of the three victims, police said. Gassett's family said he was volunteering in the area minding his own business when he was gunned down, near Fulton and Nevada Avenues.

The family said Mark was a good man, who loved his kids. They said he loved fishing and crafting wood.

Mark's step-sister said he's the one who always made everyone laugh and we will be missed.

A small makeshift memorial sits right where 37-year-old Mark Gassett was shot and killed, Tuesday.

"It was a bad dream, it just felt like a horrible dream, that it was my brother," said Stephanie Rodriguez, step-sister.

Rodriguez sat with her brother's family still in shock.

"My heart breaks for my nephews," said Rodriguez.

Mark's two sons, Layten, 9 and Troy 14, said they loved hanging out and talking with their dad.

"We were sitting on the couch together and talking about computers, me and him always had the love for technology," said Troy Gassett, Mark's son.

Mark's ex-wife said even though they were divorced they remained on good terms and were good friends.

"Mark was a wonderful person and very loving, he was a wonderful dad to these boys," said Lisa Gassett, Mark's ex-wife.

The family said Mark may had fallen on hard times but he was slowly getting back on track. They say he was volunteering and part of different organizations in the downtown area. The family said Mark was carrying groceries and doing a volunteer job when he was gunned down.

"He was the kind that would do anything for anybody, he was the kind that would give you the shirt off his back," said Lisa Gassett.

The family said they are saddened by the violence and said these kinds of racially fueled attacks need to stop.

"We're all the same people under our skin no matter the color we are, everyone has family and they need their loved ones," said Lisa Gassett.

The family set up a GoFundMe Account, if you would like to help out during this difficult time, you can click on the link below.

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