Shocking new details in double murder involving retired Kingsburg principal

Shocking new details in double murder involving retired Kingsburg principal

KINGSBURG, Calif. - Shocking new details in a double murder mystery. The estranged husband of a retired school principal found dead along with her mother, spoke to an Eyewitness News crew. 

Alan DuPras spoke off-camera at his home in Kingsburg Tuesday night. He said his wife Jennifer DuPras, a retired principal at Washington Elementary, asked for a divorce in October and had a new boyfriend. Alan DuPras denies any involvement in the murders.

A source close to 55-year-old Jennifer DuPras tells Eyewitness News she was afraid of her husband, Alan DuPras and concerned because he owned quite a few guns. 

That source said Alan was very upset Jennifer had filed for divorce in October and angry that she had a new boyfriend.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office said DuPras and her 88-year-old mother, Cynthia Houk were found dead inside a home on North Colonial Avenue. Someone had called the sheriff's office Monday afternoon to check on DuPras after she missed an appointment. That's when deputies made the discovery. 

Hours later, Fresno County Sheriff's Detectives served a search warrant at DuPras' estranged husband's home in Kingsburg. 

Detectives took him in for questioning, put his hands in zip ties, and collected physical evidence at the hospital, according to Alan DuPras.

Detectives released Alan DuPras because there was lack of probable cause to arrest him, according to sheriff's spokesman, Tony Botti.

"We haven't found anything to warrant an arrest at this point, we're still on the search, looking for who is responsible for this," said Botti.

Tuesday night, Alan DuPras seemed speechless and still in shock. He said he loved Jennifer and they never fought. 

Alan DuPras said he tried reaching out to Jennifer Monday but never got a response. The two had been married for 30 years. 

This comes a week after a fire burned the headquarters of a non-profit that promotes the French culture in Fresno, where DuPras formerly served as a board member.

Weeks earlier, neighbors said there was a car fire in front of her mother's home. Neither fire has been explained.

DuPras served the district for 26 years. Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District, Wes Sever said DuPras was a great leader and incredible mom.


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