Sexually Violent Predator Released In Fresno County Neighborhood

Deputies Handing Out Flyers To Warn Residents

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office has Deputies going door to door in a neighborhood to warn residents that they have a recently released sexually violent predator in their midst.  

He's 69-year old Michael Fellows.  Fellows has taken up residence on the 1700 block of Fancher near McKinley. Fellows was released from Coalinga State Hospital on Halloween without any conditions, as long as he doesn't violate any existing sex offender laws.

"His method of operation would be to enter public restrooms, hide in there maybe even in stalls, and wait for either women or young girls to come in and then he would expose himself to them, and then maybe sometimes even force himself upon them," says Fresno County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Tony Botti.

Fellows has no ties to the area, and committed his offenses in southern California.  Botti says the Sheriff's Office is handing out the flyers due to the high rate of recidivism when it comes to sex offenders.

"I think we have to consider him a threat based upon his history and what we know of people that are convicted of crimes like this we do see them re-offend," says Botti. 

Nearby residents are expressing concern that Fellows is living on a street near a school bus stop.

"Apparently it looks like he's kind of violent also it says sexually violent predator and that's not what we kind of want in this area. I understand that people have to live places but it's kind of close with kids," says nearby resident Jason Keller.  

Keller is concerned that having Fellows nearby could put his daughter at risk.

"According to the paperwork he's exposed himself to people and that's not going to bode real well with me if he exposes himself to my daughter," says Keller.

You can read more about Fellows criminal history at the Megan's Law Website at:

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