Seven weekend fatalities, four in Hanford, CHP says possibly DUI related

At least seven fatal collisions happened this weekend and another one early Monday morning, near Traver. 

Four out of those fatalities happened in the Hanford area. 

California Highway Patrol said that three out of those four in the Hanford area were potentially DUI related. 

The scene near Avenue 352, just east of Avenue 4 in Traver. 

"A 20 age hispanic male was driving westbound here on the roadway, allowed his vehicle to drift off the road as we determined he over corrected and ended up in the opposing lane in the eastbound lane in front of a commercial truck tractor," Ryan Pedersen, California Highway Patrol, said.

He said, "The obvious impact severe and the driver, solo occupant of the vehicle succumbed to his injuries.” While CHP said the cause of this collision is still under investigation; 25 minutes southwest of there in Kings County CHP said four fatal collisions occurred between Friday and Sunday morning. 

"Three of those involved impairment of some kind,” Ken Bird, public information officer for California Highway Patrol, Hanford, said.

One of those alleged DUI fatal collisions happened near the 41 and Madison Avenue. The second near Hanford. 

The third near Lemoore, costing the life of a 25-year-old sailor out of the Lemoore Naval Air Station. 

CHP said he was rear ended by an alleged impaired driver and struck several times after by other vehicles. 

CHP said since the beginning of the new year fatalities have increased. 

CHP said in January alone, they had four DUI related fatal collisions, one including a toddler. 

"We need to start getting the community involved and maybe educating people on ways on being a good witness to report someone that they feel may be under the influence walking to their vehicle or maybe they’re swerving in front of them, don’t hesitate to call 911,” Bird said.

CHP stresses the importance of using a designated driver or ride share companies. 

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