Serial Groper Attacks Again, Twice in One Night Near Bulldog Stadium

FRESNO, Calif. -
A serial groper attacks again - this time twice in one night, according to the Fresno Police Department. The attacks occurred Thursday night right across the street from Bulldog Stadium off Bulldog Lane and Millbrook Avenue. Police said the suspect is linked to a series of assaults near Fresno State, and he's still on the run.

Lt. Joe Gomez said, "It's the same suspect as last time. He always wears a dark hooded sweatshirt and that hood, he takes the drawstrings and pulls it tight over his face, so it's very hard to identify him."

Gomez said the first attack happened Thursday night around 6:15pm.

"Forty-year old female sitting in the driver seat, the suspect comes up, it's our serial groper suspect. He flings her driver door open, immediately grabs her," stated Gomez.

Gomez said the suspect didn't stop there. More than four hours later, the man returned to the area and allegedly attacked again - this time on a 19-year old female. She also resisted and fought him off before he took off.

Fresno State student Breanna Gomez lives near the crime scene. She said, “It's pretty scary.”

Fresno State student Regina Gutierrez said their sense of security is shaken.

“The school sent us an email to be on the lookout and also to be together and never be alone, and to just pay attention to our surroundings,” Gutierrez.

The women said they want to be proactive. Gomez said she carries around a taser, and they try to use the school's shuttle bus to avoid walking Bulldog Lane at night.

Gomez said, “I notice a lot of people using it now because it is pretty scary, just walking by here sometimes.”

Police said in all of the cases, the victims have fought him off and screamed loudly, and that is what has gotten the suspect to run away.

Police warn if you live in this area, be aware of your surroundings.

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