Senate passes temporary spending bill to fund government until Feb. 8

Senate republicans promise to address legislation that deals with Dreamers

Fresno, Calif. - After a long weekend of negotiations the Senate passed a temporary spending bill to keep the government functioning until February 8th...

Democrats supported the bill because republicans promised to address Dreamers. 

Last year President Trump took away Dreamers' protection from deportation.
In exchange for democrat support on the budget, republicans promised to allow a vote on a bill to help Dreamers.

Xavier Vazquez says he's tired of politicians making empty promises.

He says democrats controlled the House and Senate during the Obama administration and could've passed a bill to protect Dreamers.

"But they didn't, so they are playing political games with our lives. Now it's the other side," says Vazquez.  

As part of a compromise to pass a temporary spending bill republicans promised democrats they'd address the hundreds of thousands of Dreamers who lost their protection from deportation last year.

Vazquez says this time both sides need to honor their word.

"If they want to keep their seat in the Senate or House of Representatives, we want to remind them that they must keep their promises," says Vazquez.

Political Analyst Jim Verros says although elections are coming, republicans don't have to keep their promise.

"Because the folks that they are arguing over don't get to vote. So when the people you are fighting for don't get to hold you accountable, you don't have to have some sort of follow through," says Verros.

Verros says even if undocumented immigrants could vote, there aren't enough of them in the rust belt states to unseat republican incumbents, which is needed for democrats to regain control over the House and Senate.

"Outside of California, DACA (Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals) is not playing well in the states Trump won to win the presidential election," says Verros.

Still, Vazquez holds out hope.

"They must keep their promises because our lives are at stake right now," says Vazquez.

The Senate voted 81-18 to pass the temporary funding bill, now it has to pass in the House before it goes to the President's desk.

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