Security expert says public must stay aware as alleged SF terror threat surfaces

26-year-old Everitt Jameson appeared in federal court Friday

FRESNO, Calif. - The criminal complaint document against Everitt Jameson states he voiced support for the terror attack in New York City on October 31. His alleged plan to attack Pier 39 in San Francisco has many on edge.

National Security Expert Mike Spicer says a Christmas Day terror attack in San Francisco would be deadly.
"When you have a large crowd, you have the potential of stampedes and those types of problems so it makes it very difficult to manage some of these venues," said Spicer.

A venue the FBI says was the target of 26-year-old Everitt Jameson. Spicer says no matter where you are in public, staying aware of the people in your surroundings needs to be routine.

"We need to really adopt a see something, say something culture. We need to be observant," said Spicer.

Santiago Arevalo Jr. says he keeps his guard up through the crowds, knowing a terror attack could have happened three hours away.

"It might have been your family. It might've been your father, your mother, your sister or your cousin. He was planning to kill," said Arevalo.

News of recent attacks have kept Juan Beltran on high alert. He says he watches out for suspicious strangers.

"It was kind of weird because this guy just kept walking back and forth behind me. And I was like okay, he better not get too close," said Beltran.

According to Spicer, the main platform for terrorist propaganda is online and it's fortunate the FBI made a move on Jameson.

"A lot of this stuff is only inspired by these radical groups overseas and that most of it is done by internet. And the FBI, our federal authorities are in front of this problem," said Spicer.

A problem Arevalo says he's prepared to protect himself against.

"To be honest with you, I'm old school. I will take care of the problem myself so to speak. Take the law into my own hands," said Arevalo.

Jameson is being held at the Fresno County Jail. He's expected to appear in court next Wednesday.

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