Security beefs up after brawl breaks out at Hmong New Year concert

Additional police officers will be assigned to night events as well

FRESNO, Calif. - A massive brawl broke out at a Hmong New Year concert in southeast Fresno. Patrons caught the fight on camera and now the Fresno Police Department is taking action.

Lesley Xiong recorded video of the violent melee. She says she's disappointed at what happened because she enjoyed the concert and this fight ruined the fun for everyone.

Chairs turned into weapons and the exchange of flying haymakers. This video of an absolute melee is going viral on social media.

Lesley Xiong captured only a minute and a half of the large brawl that started in the Agriculture Building at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds where a Hmong record company hosted a concert Wednesday night. Several people are seen wrestling and throwing punches as security guards try to stop them and notice the leftover cans of beer on the table.
Something patrons won't be drinking at the next Hmong New Year event because alcohol won't be sold.

"We want to be really good role models and leaders in the community and so having like no alcohol, everyone can enjoy the time and we can have an awesome event," said Mayder Lor, manager of Hmoodle.

The last four nights of concerts will be put on by a different organization and four Fresno Police officers are assigned to the events as well as extra security guards.

"And then we have some additional officers outside the event just to make sure that there's not retaliations or anything like that tonight," said Fresno Police Captain Michael Reid.

Videos of the fight are being reviewed by police. They say there have been no major injuries reported. It's unknown what sparked the free-for-all. Concert organizers say they're focused on safety as the show must go on.
"They don't just come out from like Fresno. They come out from Sacramento and Clovis and all over the place so we want to make sure that everyone is definitely safe," said Lor.

President Mitch Her of the Hmong Cultural New Year Celebration released a statement. 

"The concert was held by another organization, Deev Siab Records company who we sublease the agriculture building to conduct the concert the night of the incident. As a result, all night events will no longer be serving alcoholic beverages," said Her.

Officials say the organization responsible for Wednesday night's concert did not have adequate security and did not follow Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations.

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