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Fresno, Calif. -  
For fourteen years, five-year-old Johnny Navarro's tomb sat untouched at Fresno's Holy Cross Cemetery.
That is, until someone decided to rip off the angel that watched over him.
Little Johnny Navarro was named after his grandfather. He says his grandson loved ketchup and helping him in the kitchen.
"He'd come in and say grandpa can I have some French fries, I'd give him some but he'd only lick off the ketchup because he couldn't eat the fries."
Navarro's grandson had Short Bowel Syndrome. He couldn't eat and had to be fed through a tube.
Two days before his 6th birthday little Johnny passed away.
Since then, Navarro and his wife visit his grave site monthly. On their last visit they noticed someone had ripped off the angel statue that sat on his tombstone.
"It's hard to see this that they would do something like that to him because he was such a pleasant little boy," said Navarro.
The angel was purchased by johnny's classmates who raised $500 as a goodbye gift. Navarro says when his wife saw it was gone she was devastated.
"She hasn't been back since the sixth of October."
Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the statue is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (559) 498-STOP.


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